august 9, 2017 – Dublin III

Today lots of people from Mali came to us. Everyone has a dublin III lawsuit. The Dublin III decree says that asylum can only be sought in the European country a refugee first enters. Even then if the refugee wants to seek asylum in another European country, i.e. austria, germany or swede, (1) they are forced to submit fingerprints and personal data at their arrival in Italy and are thereby registered there. That’s the reason why the German government wants to and can deport them to Italy – despite the desperate conditions for refugees there. (2)

The people from Mali apparently are officially accommodated in the „old“ entry facility (Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung). They do not know anything about the new deportation camp (Transitzentrum).

The people tell us that they are getting 115 € of allowence/pocket money each month. This is not enough to pay a lawyer. With this money some of the people have to buy medicine as well. Inside the camp there is apparently no law/asylum counselling at all. People who are forced to live inside the camp in Zeißstraße have to go to the Caritas in Bajuwarenstraße.

People tell us that food is given out just once a day.

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