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november 9, 2017 – es ist deutsch in Kaltland

Yesterday around 25 people came to our info tent, all of them from Ethopia. Most of them are so called Dublin III cases and therefore are pending deportation. Many of them are upset and don‘t understand why their request for asylum is denied. They ask us to explain why they cannot get asylum in germany. They tell us about violations of human rights in Ethiopia. The regime oppresses the democratic opposition and journalists. Since October 2016 hundreds of people have been killed, thousands imprisoned by security authority.(1)

Some of the attendant crowd ask us why the german government cooperates with the ethiopian regime instead of supporting the opposition. This cooperation of eu-states with unjust regimes like that in ethiopia was declined in a strategic paper of the european commission. (2) With so called „migration partnerships“ the EU wants to enforce their systematic defence measures against refugees. This cooperation also means cooperation with law enforcement agencies of such regimes like the ethiopian one. Further the EU gives financial benefits for those countries which cooperate concerning deportations. PRO ASYL (a german human rights NGO) recapulates this developement expressed the situation in following words: ‚Europe wants to work with exactly the same governements, from which a lot of people are fleeing. Asylum for refugees in europe is supposed to be unattainable. Not only are people seeking protection supposed to be handed over to the rulers, the same rulers are supported to prevent their population from getting away.”

A 19-year old tells us that he was living for months in a „Gemeinschaftsunterkunft“. After that he was transferred to the deportation camp in Regensburg. He has been living here for 5 months now. He and his two friends describe how they are forced to vegetate day after day in the camp: „We just can eat and sleep“. They feel they are being treated like animals. They would gladly go to school to learn the german language and to start an apprenticeship.

Es ist deutsch in Kaltland.

Announcement: On 17.11.17 the alliance against deportation camps (Bündnis gegen Abschiebelager) is organising a press conference for the refugees inside the deportation camp in Regensburg at 14:15. Therefore the info tent will be put up again and representatives of the press are invited to give the refugees a voice in media.

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