october 18, 2017 – „negative camp“

We are told, that there are around 100 people in the camp right now. Most of them are pending deportation because of the Dublin III regulation. One of the refugee jokes that because of the many denials the camp has already been given the nickname „negative camp“.

A woman advanced in pregnancy (9th month) tells us that she has to sleep in one of the „mobile homes“, which were put on the camp site. This container is very difficult to heat and at night it‘s very cold inside it. She has to sleep in a „mobile home“ even though the buildings right next to it are almost completely empty, as a few other attendees tell us. Apparently the refugees are split up by nationalities and are placed separately: People from Mali sleep inside the buildings, People from Ethiopia in the „mobile homes“.

Again we are informed about the catastrophic sanitary conditions inside the camp. The „mobile homes“ in which the people from Ethiopia have to stay are set up in two blocks. Right now there are around 70 people living in them. On the end of each block there are container with sanitary facilities. There are two toilettes and three showers for men and women respectively. In fact those are cleaned every day but very superficially, so the sanitary facilities are very dirty.

We are told, that because of the bad conditions inside the camp, a spontaneous protest formed up – aside from all public attention – in front of the camp three weeks ago. Several people wanted to express their opinion about the bad conditions and their awkward situation. The security used violence against the protesters and their personal data of the protesting persons were taken by the police.

One of the employees of the security company at the camp was threatening one refugee. The person concerned is now very afraid.

One refugee tells us that his whole family and some of his friends drowned while crossing the Mediterranean Sea. He was rescued by a ship and brought to Italy. He wants to seek asylum here in Germany but is supposed to go back to Italy.