july, 17 2018 – violence against refugees

On Tuesday, 16th July 2018, 5 refugees living in the Regensburg transitcenter were subjected to physical violence through security personell in the refugee arrival center in Bajuwarenstraße. The concerned individuals had been paying repeated visits to the camp in Bajuwarenstr. for counselling. In particular, they have been demanding an explanation from the Ausländerbehörde, why they are being forced to remain resident within the transit center. They had finally received an appointment with the camp manager for Monday, 15th July 2018. However, upon arriving at the gate, the security did not permit them to enter the camp, within which they were to have their appointment. Therefore they returned the following day. This time, they decided to ask entrance individually and managed to gain entry. In the office of the Ausländerbehörde, they were simply told not to expect a transfer, but that their stay in the transit center had been extended to 24 months. This caused frustration on the part of the refugees, and they demanded to remain in the office and receive a proper explanation. Thereupon the security personnell was called to forcefully remove them.
When the security arrived however, all five of the people who had been visiting the office voluntarily left the building. By this time however, the security guard appeared nervous and on edge. Outside the building, in the courtyard, the security guards proceeded to attack the asylum seekers, beating them, pinning them down and ramming their heads to the ground and restraining them most painfully. Two of the people forcefully restrained received visible injuries from the treatment.
The police had been informed and upon their arrival, they informed the assaulted refugees that they had been accused of attacking the security personell.
This shows once again that refugees are not being treated as equal human beings, but are systematically deprived of their dignity and rendered voiceless by being protrayed as unreliable and violent.

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