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Here we want to inform about current news in English. We are trying to collect information from different media and organisations and give you a summery or translation in English. Have a look here, when you can’t find us in Zeißstraße. Also during the corona time we try to stay in contact and give information as good as possible.

Nearly half of all inhabitants of the LEA in Ellwangen (Baden-Württemberg) infected with the virus – translation of an article of the SWR of 12.04.2020

Helpful Information in the Corona-Crisis for Refugees in Bayern

There are translations into other languages on the left side of the homepage.

Refugee Council Pressing Charges against Ministry of the Interior and District Governments

Multi-bed rooms and canteens in bavarian camps violate regulations controlling coronavirus pandemic.

02. April 2020 – Refugee Council Pressing Charges against Ministry of the Interior and District Governments


Dublin-Deportations suspended for the moment

Dublin-Deportations/Transfers are suspended for the moment. As far as we know this means a pause in the Dublin period. For further information of the BaMF follow the links (the english version is not yet updatet on that fact, but it probably will be soon):

We have to End the Discrimination of Refugees”

After Protest in deportation camp in Darmstadt, the situation of many arrested people remains unclear. Our translation of the article “Müssen Diskriminierung von Geflüchteten beenden“ (Junge Welt, published 23 March 2020):

Further information on Corona in different languages

The so called ethnomedical center by the project Mimi (with migrants for migrants) – which can also be found in Regensburg – created, with the help of voluntery translaters, a homepage with important information based on scientific material on the Coronavirus SARS-CoV2 in many languages. Soon there will also be information available in different african languages.

Information and statements of the Bavarian Refugee Council (Bayerischer Flüchtlingsrat)

The Bavarian Refugee Council is a non-partisan and human rights organization. They “agitate for the rights of refugees and migrants … [They] are struggling for a genuine right of residence for all refugees [and] are strictly opposed to deportations.”1 For more information on their areas of work, please click here.

17. März 2020 – Protect Refugees from Corona!

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