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Nearly half of all inhabitants of the LEA in Ellwangen (Baden-Württemberg) infected with the virus

Translation of an article published by the SWR of 12.04.2020:

The number of inhabitants who test positive in the LEA-Camp in Ellwangen rose to 244. That means that nearly half of the people living there are infected with the virus and are isolated.

According to the Landratsamt, 567 people are living in the LEA-Camp in Ellwangen (Ostalbkreis). 244 inhabitants there test positive. Those infected are said to be isolated in a separated quarantine-area. In the coming week, all negative tested inhabitants and staff members will be tested again to figure out how many persons got additionally affected the past days.

Curfew and contact bans at least until April 19th

As a reaction on several infections, the authority imposed contact bans and a lockdown for the camp on April 5. Meanwhile there is police day and night with at least 12 persons per shift at the camp to surveil the compliance of the restrictions. Due to the high number of infected persons the lockdown will last at least until April 19.

Some people infected got transferred to a quarantine camp

Since isolation opportunities in the LEA are stretching to their limits, a quarantine center in Althütte (Rems-Murr-Kreis) was built. 60 infected people are planned to be placed there temporarily. Already on Saturday, two women and three children were transferred from Ellwangen.

Our comment:

Being placed in camps is harmful and dangerous. In times like these, it cannot be trivialized anymore. There is only one demand we have to repeat again and again: Close the camps, abolish the ANKER, abolish the deportation camps


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