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Counseling is very important

Dear people in the ANKER or other camps,

if you got a negative answer from BAMF, it is still very important to take legal advice. There is always the possibility to file a suit. The deadlines are very short – depending on the case, it may be only one or two weeks. Lawyers or refugee counseling can tell best if it makes sense for you to file a suit.

  • all of you who have a lawyer, contact them as soon as possible.
  • all of you who do not have a lawyer, send your answer from BAMF to the refugee counseling in the Anker. We know you cannot see them in person at the moment. However, you can send them a picture of the BAMF answer via WhatsApp or e-mail. Ask them if it makes sense in your case to file a suit. If it does make sense, the counselling can help you.

It is extremely important that everyone concerned reacts as soon as possible.

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