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Suspensions of obligation to live in ANKER-Camps

On May 7 already the 5th decision of an administration court was positive to stop the obligation to live in the ANKER Camp (or the equivalent in other German federal states) for the complainant.

Since the end of April there have already been five decisions suspending the obligation for people who are at special health risk to live in places with very high infection risk, like the Lager. It started with a legal action in Leipzig. An inhabitant filed a lawsuit because it was not possible to keep the distance of 1.5m in the Lager (commonly used areas/rooms). He won and is allowed to leave the Lager now since 22nd of April.

On April 27, the administration court of Dresden granted another lawsuit of a pregnant woman and her husband to leave the camp. The reasons were similar: security measurements were insufficient (like commonly used areas, lacking possibilities to clean masks appropriately or only cold water).

This was followed by a decision made in Chemnitz on April 28.

The latest decision was made at the administration court in Münster May 7. Again, a pregnant woman and her husband are no longer obliged to live in the camp. The opponent couldn’t present adequate and clear information about the infection prevention measurements.

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