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Speech of BgA at the protest 23.06.2020 „Solidarität mit den Geflüchteten – weitere Infizierungen stoppen – Lagerpflicht abschaffen“

It has been four weeks since we were here. It was during quarantine. It was our first protest here. Now, the deportation camp and the communal accommodation are “open” again and the situation returned to normal on the surface. Public interest has clearly decreased.

We as alliance against deportation, are of the firm opinion, that it is only permanent public pressure which can lead to an improvement of the circumstances. That is why we have been fighting together with refugees since the opening of the transit centers, now AnKER centers, to continually dissolve those communal camps. Also during the corona pandemic we must not stop to denounce the policy that is risking people’s lives and we must not stop to demand changes that are long overdue.

The conditions leading to the first big wave of infections have not changed in the camps. Luckily, those who were infected four weeks ago, came through the infection. It was, however, only luck because nobody can rely on how infections proceed individually. Around half of the people were infected, all the others are still exposed to the risk of another wave of infections. Nothing has changed fundamentally for those living in the camps.

They still have to live in them. They still have to share rooms. There is still no plan about how to prevent a total quarantine.

To our knowledge, the camp employees have not been tested yet. The only thing that seemed to have changed is that people living in the Zeißstraße camp now have hand disinfection.

Together with continuing concerns about health, the refugees at the deportation camp have to worry about deportation again. While the corona pandemic is far from over, the first plans about Dublin deportations are being announced. We condemn these plans! There is great uncertainty in the camp about the legal situation, because BAMF thinks that the Dublin deadlines were interrupted and were now to begin anew. Only skilled advice can help in this situation. However, only few refugees can afford lawyers. Therefore, social counselling is all the more important in the camp. Currently, two counselling positions were cancelled. This is highly disastrous. Social counselling needs to be increased otherwise there is no chance for refugees to oppose deportations.

During the headlines about mass infections at the corona hot spot Regensburg but mainly in the silent aftermath we see the unbearable ways of how people are treated differently in this country. The poor measures of the government reveal capitalist interests and nationalist attitudes. The treatment of refugees during the pandemic and the refusal to overthink the concept of mass camps, shows once again a racist attitude.

We demand the immediate dissolution of camps and humane accommodations!

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