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8th July 2020 – Fire in Camp

Since the end of the quarantine in Zeißstraße 1, the gate is of course in frequent use again. Still, one of the men living in the camp tells us that besides the Zeißtower, which has been declared the official quarantine building, one of the containers in the deportation camp is also still under quarantine. At the moment, apparently more and more people are being transferred from Zeißstraße to decentralised housing, for example in Schwandorf and Furth im Wald. Several people tell us that, although this is sure to be better than life in the camp, they are worried about becoming isolated in very rural houses with bad infrastructure.

A big issue at the moment are the paused Dublin cases. The BAMF is trying to pause all Dublin transfer periods, for the time in which deportations were stopped due to Corona. But that would mean that refugees with Dublin cases have to wait even longer before their actual asylum process can begin in Germany. In fact, what the BAMF wants is only legal for people who have already appealed their Dublin notice. For most people with whom we talk, their situation seams very unclear. We pass on the information that they probably have to take legal action to insist on their original Dublin deadline.

Also, we ask about the man whose room burned out on 20th of June. Since then, he has been in prison on suspicion of arson and none of his neighbours whom we ask are in contact with him. Locked in the AnkER centre as a refugee, the 23-year-old had been growing more and more desperate. After his supposed “arson attempt”, his neighbour had explained to us that he had not tried to burn down the building, but to set himself on fire in pure desperation. Fortunately, he was stopped in time, so although two rooms burned out and sadly one lady suffered light smoke poisoning, this man remained uninjured. Obviously in this racist deportation system, this drastic action was what was necessary for him to get any attention. But instead of getting support, he was then put in prison.

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