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Today we once again are taking to the streets to speak out about the situation of refugees in the deportation camps. To show our solidarity with them and to once again demand long overdue changes. This time though we are not at the place where the affected people live, by the camps – at the edge of the city, the industrial quarter, next to the train tracks and the laser tag arena. No, today we are at the place where the decisions are made and executed. Here, in the heart of the old town is the government of the Oberpfalz. Here, in between a tapas bar and a bagel store, the palace and the winter market is the office which is responsible for the deportation centres at the outskirts of the city.

So here they are – the people responsible for this situation! Now we have finally found the culprit. It is partly because of the almost religiously repeated phrases from the town council, saying that they can impossibly change anything, as they claim that responsibility always lies somewhere else, that we have finally reached the right address. Well – only that we will not hear anything new at this address either – nothing that we haven’t already heard a thousand times. Not only because we already know the people, such as the head of the institution or the lady responsible for concerns about the deportation camp, but also because we are still within this bureaucratic administrative machinery, just now at a different point in it – subject area 14.1 and subject area 14.2 to be precise.

Yet again, all we will get to hear are evasions. If that is, the people inside this building react to our protest at all and don’t try to ignore it and silence it, as they constantly do with the protests of refugees. Or maybe we will again be sent to a different supposedly responsible point of administration – as we were by the town council. Probably to some “higher up” administration. We know this treatment and know exactly what all these responsible people will respond to our protest. They will say: “All these grievances are not our fault!” “We are only doing our jobs!” “We are only sticking to existing laws, we can’t do any different!”. Some may feel personally attacked and say: “We aren’t running any mass accommodations!” and “They don’t really have it thaaat bad!” Well, no, the people in Regensburg probably don’t have it as hard as in other mass camps, such as Moria – well congratulations!

But besides the everyday horror in the mass accommodation centres, what about protection from infection for refugees during the corona period? Who if not the government is responsible for implementing real infection protection for all those housed there? But from the first outbreak of covid 19 and our first protest, nothing has changed. And that in spite of scientific recommendations from the highest echelons that refugees must be housed in single rooms. Because during Corona, the Robert-Koch institute is often cited in Germany. But only when it’s about Germans, not about those people who are obviously not supposed to be here – racism could not be more obvious than this. The scientific Corona research from the University of Bielefeld, which also criticises the camp housing of refugees – is being ignored. So apparently science only counts as long as it supports the government policies. this conscious ignorance of facts lead to the mayor saying, after she spoke to the government of the Oberpfalz, that they have no interest in or need for further housing from the town, “They don’t need anything”, she says. In a way that is true, they don’t need anything, THEY don’t need anything. In their own lives, they have every possibility of social distancing. But what about those people for whom they are supposed to be responsible?

Life in the camps makes people sick, that has long been well known. And currently the health risk is greater than ever. In addition, the camps were from the beginning supposed to be places which officially “encourage the wish to return to the home country”. In other words: the lives of the people in camps are made deliberately miserable, so that they leave of their own accord and don’t have to be deported. That was and is the aim and program of German asylum policy.

So not good medical care, not the closure of mass accommodation, but collective quarantine on closest quarters during Corona has been the logical consequence of a plan which is no secret, but which is precisely described in laws, rules and proclamations. It is an expression of the constant competition in German asylum policies to make the lives of refugees here impossible, so that as many people as possible just stop coming here.

Instead of licking the boots of those people who actually think the systematic desolation of refugees is great, we demand of everyone – from the mayor to the administrative employees, to the security employees to recognise that the people in these camps are suffering, that these camps make them sick. And that that is the proclaimed goal of the policies behind them. We demand that they recognise that they are a part of this system which enabled all this and keeps it running – however narrow their responsibilities may be defined. And we demand that they recognise that their excuses, silence, qualifying and whitewashing prevents the voices of the people affected from being heard.

Furthermore we demand that everyone else is loud, too. For just as this government building is in the middle of the town, the causes of just this situation is to be found in the middle of our society. They come from a racist consensus which we must name, criticise and fight. For that which we have been seeing in the German refugee camps is not the secret plan of a few, but a declared goal with a concept to it. A concept which has been working for the last decades, precisely because it is supported by the mass of our society.

It is up to us not to stop showing up these inhuman conditions, over and over again. We must put our finger on the sore spots over and over again! And we cannot stop forcing people who prefer to talk themselves out of it to take on their responsibilities!

Against all those who keep claiming they are eternally „innocent“ and “not responsible”!

Against all camps – here, in Moria and everywhere!!

For a dignified life for everybody!

No justice – No peace!

-german version-

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