about us


Who are we?   (deutsch)

We are people who want to take action against the deportation camp in Regensburg on a self-determined basis. We want to get in contact with and support the people inside the camp to break their isolation.

What we want:

We do not want deportation camps, because we think nobody should be forced to live in camps like the one in Regensburg. We refuse to call this camp a „transit centre“ or – what it is called now – „AnKer centre“. The camp was built to deport people fast and without complications, therefore it is nothing other than a deportation camp.

We criticise the conditions inside the camp as well, such as the abortively speeded up asylum procedures, the lack of legal support, the restrictive manner of food distribution, reduced cash and the impeded access to medical care. But merely to criticise the abysmal living conditions is not our central goal. Even if there were perfect medical care, good consulting, more cash, … we would oppose these deportation camps. Because their purpose and goal would still be the same – deportation. We believe that it is not enough to narrow our alliance’s outlook by merely criticising the living conditions. A clear political position is essential. Therefore we refuse to accept the division of people into „good / war / political – refugees“ and „bad / economic – refugees“. We are against deportation – to so-called „safe countries“, to other EU-countries (Dublin III) or to any others. No one is illegal.

What we do:

We organise an info tent in front of the camp in Regensburg. This way we establish contact with the people inside. We want to exchange information, build up a network and collectively develop ideas to work and fight together against the racist institution of the deportation camp. In doing this we follow an emancipatory approach. We want the people concerned to be empowered to be active themselves, while we want to support them in any way we can.

Another important aspect of our work is documentation. We think it is important to share all the information we exchange with the people inside and which we gather in any other way. Everybody should know what is going on behind the fences and walls of this kind of camp. We don‘t see ourselves as (law-) consultants. When necessary we connect with other groups and give contacts to people who ask us for such information.

We want to be independent. Therefore we do not want to work in cooperation with public administration.

The rest of the society shall be informed about the situation of people who are forced to live in such camps. These people themselves are the best to do this. Although of course we are are happy to support them in express themselves when necessary.

What about you?

If you share our views you are very welcome to join us!

Just come by at one of the info tents (you can find the dates on twitter, facebook and our homepage) or write to us via email.

We look forward to meeting you!