Weitere Initiativen

ANKER-WATCH was „founded by the bavarian and munich refugee councils together with a broad network of supporting organisations and individuals „in order to get more insight into the living conditions of the people, despite the isolated situation of the ANKER centres, to give them a voice and to make this known to the public“.



SolwodiSOLWODI Regensburg offers independent and interconfessional help for female migrants in distress. This help is for free and anonymus.



Bayerischer Flüchtlingsrat

The Bavarian Refugee Council is a non-partisan and human rights organization. They “agitate for the rights of refugees and migrants …[They] are struggling for a genuine right of residence for all refugees [and] are strictly opposed to deportations.”



ALERTA REGENSBURG – Regensburger Terminkalender für linke Subkultur und Politik. Calender for left subculture and politics in Regensburg.

BÜNDNISZEITUNG (büze) – Independent newsblog from Regensburg with focus on non-mainstream news.